Web Localization

Web Localization

Whether you web is built with a proprietary application, uses a Content Management System (CMS) or one of the standard publishing tools, BQT can assist you in bringing your content to the international market.

Our Engineering Department uses powerful extraction tools and CMS connectors to transform your html or xml into a translatable format compatible with Translation Memory tools.

BQT manages all aspects of your web localization:

Internationalization adapts your web to double-byte and bi-directional requirements as well as isolates the content from format.

Translation & Adaptation follows our standard quality processes as described in Product & Documentation Translation. In addition, some of the content may need to be added (trans-created) to adapt to the local market.

Engineering in combination with Graphic Design will localize elements of the User Interface, resizing and modifying while maintaining the overall look & feel.

Graphics & Multimedia will localize all graphics with embedded text, Video and Audio material.

Finally, Testing while ensure that your web site is ready for publishing. Usual Testing cycles of localized webs include mostly cosmetic & functional testing.