BQT eWorld Platform

BQT eWorld Platform

BQT eWorld Platform is built on the latest web technologies:, SQL, Ajax, jQuery and HTML5. It is a thin client allowing access from anywhere in the world and features all components to manage your localization & translation projects internationally.

Jobs can be created online using predefined Workflows as templates. Change Management is streamlined. The interface is simple and intuitive enabling all to interact easily and work efficiently.

All financial data is available online in real-time.

Deliveries & Milestones are managed through a powerful online Gantt Editor compatible with MS Project.

Language Assets (TMs, Terminology and Style Guides) and Quality Metrics are built in to the environment. Quality Sampling techniques include worldwide standard MIL-STD 1916 / ANSI/ASQ Z1.4.

Communications and Alerts via an Early Warning System (EWS) allow team-sharing.

The Open Architecture enables you to plug-in your existing intranets & platforms to simplify and automate data exchange.

Full Reporting, Business Intelligence and Traceability allows you to manage every aspect of your business.


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