Geographical Spread

A Professional Network over 100 countries & Growing

BQT operates a global network of Internationalization & Translation experts though an innovative solution: BQT eWorld Platform.

Our online environment features all necessary tools, processes and back-end support to provide a true virtual office – an online ecosystem.

BQT partners with best-in-class infrastructure, technology and software providers to deliver a unique worldwide network.


Damian Archer, Chief Operating Officer of BQT, indicated that
“We believe that companies of the future provide better value by combining talent across the planet than building everything in-house using old fashioned bricks and mortar.
The challenge was to deploy the technology that would allow this; not just providing a set of tools but a real online environment where everybody feels part of the same family.
Like corporate spirit but online and global.”

BQT eWorld Platform relies on a solid infrastructure: our worldwide Shared Services Center located in Madrid, Spain.

We decided to centralize all Administration, IT, R&D, Finance and Management in one location, our Shared Services Center in Madrid. This allows us to achieve economies of scale and gives us the shortest path from strategy to execution.

We believe in operating an agile company that is capable of providing solutions in real-time to our customers. The SSC has also allowed us to seamlessly deploy a full panel of Best Practices benchmarked on Fortune 500 companies and worldwide standards of excellence.


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BQT INC. Europe
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