Life Sciences

Life Sciences

As Life Sciences industry experts, we add value to our clients, ranging from small, entrepreneurial Life Sciences companies to large global corporations. Our mission is to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses in the globalization process.
The environment in which Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies operate is increasingly challenging, being driven by a more and more demanding healthcare agenda. BQT is the best choice for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences localization projects, since we can help you assess and then select, implement or improve your localization solutions.
  • We help sales and marketing functions become more efficient, compliant, and effective at delivering messages tailored to diverse customer segments, including patients, insurers, governments and physicians.
  • We help you align product translation needs with your delivery-to-market strategy. Without a vision, you risk making incremental changes that yield little impact towards achieving durable improvements.
  • We help you identify milestones in the localization process related to supply-chain, manufacturing and distribution.
  • We can assist you in identifying appropriate overseas or domestic partners to reduce costs or gain entry into markets.

Localization Solutions

When it comes to Localization projects, Life Sciences companies work within a highly structured and regulatory-driven set of processes, along with the usual set of business drivers (cost, schedule, speed-to-market). Most importantly, there is the critical issue of translation quality, which in the life sciences field is a requirement that makes the localization projects especially challenging, if the wrong partner is chosen.

In order to manage the translation projects requirements, Life Sciences translation buyers need a solid partner whose skills excel in the key areas below:


  • Project management
  • Creative and adaptive problem-solving
  • Strong use of technology and tools
  • Knowledge of industry requirements & regulations

These core skills must be complemented by industry expertise and depth of practice, adding up to a partner who can provide support, guidance, and consistency of service. In BQT we personalize our approach for each project, by testing and adapting quality procedures that respond to the regulatory needs of the Life Sciences’ industry.
BQT can support you across the spectrum of Life Sciences materials, including:


  • Labeling & Packaging
  • IFUs
  • IVRs / IWRs
  • Data Sheets
  • Technical Manuals
  • Software Localization
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Websites
  • Clinical Trial documentation
  • Full Management of the In-country Review Cycle


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