Software companies are facing increased pressure to develop and deliver new innovative products and services in shorter cycle times. Simultaneous Shipment (SimShip) is often the path forward: the release of the localized software is done at the same time or very shortly after the release of the original version.

At BQT we have a dedicated global infrastructure that helps our clients manage and control large and complex localization projects. Our experience in R&D makes us a partner of choice when it comes to complex software localization.

We promote interaction and collaboration among stakeholders: our clients with our large technical support team of system experts and software engineers along with our linguistic experts. In fact we offer a customizable Agile Localization process to support your Agile Development process. Our teams are experienced in the methodologies necessary to handle the specific challenges of «sprint» projects with frequent, time-sensitive requirements –and which by design have implied unforecasted costs.

Software localization involves separate and distinct workflows for the adaptation of the user interface, help files, and technical documentation. Effective coordination of these workflows and tasks carried out by cross-functional teams (translators, engineers, testers, graphic designers, programmers and project managers) must be achieved and leveraged in order to ensure the maximum cost efficiency, the fastest time-to-market, and superior consistency in the final product. Our process ensures that the final deliverable will be fully functional, linguistically correct, and culturally adapted to the target locale. We use technology best-practices to facilitate and, whenever possible, automate each step of the localization process. Quality is built into every stage, from the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements to the re-engineering and final testing of each language version.


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