Global Marketing

Global Marketing

Marketing internationally has become a step that no company can avoid. When the home market reaches its limit, the option to go international provides a whole new perspective.

But global branding and marketing is not just a matter of translating. It has more to do with adapting the message to the target audience while retaining global branding.

To take an example, TV advertising sometimes uses the same Ad worldwide with a local voice-over, but sometimes changes completely including product names. Yes, they sound similar, and they look the same, but they actually sell.

This is what needs to be achieved with Marketing Localization. The translation effort includes research and a spice of creativity.

The table below summarizes key differences between Marketing and Technical translation:


  • Key matter: “Style”
    The use of reference material is a must
  • Profile: Experienced marketing translators with good knowledge of technical topics
  • Briefing from copywriters or target countries is essential


  • Key matter: “Style”
    Key matter: “Accuracy”
    Technical accuracy is key
  • Profile: Experienced technical translators
  • Good product & industry knowledge is usually sufficient

In addition, and following our ISO Standards and Best Practices, Translators and Reviewers are native speakers and live in the target country. For Marketing this aspect becomes even more crucial.


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