Language Quality Services

Language Quality Services

Language Quality Services is about ensuring Quality and Consistency across a product line in all languages and all types of media the content appears in.
Formats may include:

  • Manuals
  • Online Help
  • Software
  • eLearning / Training Material
  • Web content
  • Labels etc.

BQT provides these services on content that has been localized by us or by other service providers.

BQT’s innovative solution for LQS is that we combine the classic Language QA form with statistical sampling techniques based on MIL-STD 1916 / ANSI/ASQ Z1.4. The sampling techniques have been used worldwide with success in the manufacturing industry (originally as MIL-STD 105) and BQT is the first translation & localization company to have introduced the methodology and built an online application around it. This Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) methodology is the same we use internally to consistently deliver outstanding quality and manage performance with true measures and indicators.

We assess Language Quality with the following criteria:

  • Accuracy
  • Language
  • Terminology
  • Style
  • Regional
  • Compliance

Our error categories are fully compatible with the results of Automated QA tools and as such allow us to combine LQA with machine-driven checks.

Our Language Quality Services are personalized to our Clients’ specific needs by adding Checklists and Guidelines. This material is developed as part of a ramp-up phase when we first initiate the LQS with a new Client.

With senior linguistic experts onboard, BQT is also able to analyze the root cause of quality issues identified in previous product releases and suggest tailored Quality Assurance processes for clients.