Software Localization

Engineering & Testing

BQT engineers are able to localize and test your software and online Help systems. Changes in requirements, GUI terminology and build updates are frequent in the release cycle of Software products. This is even more accented in the case of simship – releasing the product in several languages and markets at the same time.

BQT offers a streamlined process particularly adapted to the software environment on multiple platforms and languages.

Our Engineering & Testing Services include:


  • Evaluation
  • Text Extraction
  • File Conversion
  • Software Compilation
  • Help Compilation, QA (functional and linguistic) and error fixing
  • Test Scripts
  • UI Testing (resizing, correct layout)
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Bug Reporting and Regression
  • Parser & Macro Development
  • Software Development of Localization Tools & Plug-ins

Linguistic Engineering

Ensures Quality & Accuracy

BQT’s unique approach to Linguistic Engineering (LE) allows clients to maximize reuse and leverage of all linguistic assets (internal and client) by bringing them together in one location. BQT’s exclusive portfolio of modules that can be integrated into the platform includes:


Web-based Enterprise Terminology Management Solution that provides a single warehouse to store linguistic assets such as corporate terminology. Since it can be securely accessed anytime from anywhere in the world, it leads to improved consistency, fewer queries, and faster turnaround times. We also work with standard industry tools and can gracefully downgrade to Excel upon request.

Automated Language Quality Tools

Linguistic & structural checkers that accelerates the language Quality Assurance process by performing automated language & tag checks, such as glossary adherence, format, spelling, inconsistency in translations and other language tasks.

Translation Memory Batch Processing

Automates the file analysis and evaluation tasks performed using Translation Memory tools to speed up the preparation of quotations and files for translation to avoid any project kick-off delays.

Centralization of Style Guides

Via BQT eWorld Platform – our online application – in order to ensure grammatical correctness in the target versions, appropriate tone and register and locale-specific issues.

Centralization of Translation Memories

BQT stores all TMs from current and previous versions in a central location to ensure availability of all corpora and segments. TMs are regularly updated during the project and at the end of the project as part of our ISO Best Practices for Project Close.

Machine Translation

For specific projects, when large corpora are available and preferably with controlled language as a source, we deploy Machine Translation solutions for our customers. Machine Translation is combined with Translation Memory to achieve maximum leverage and then post-edited. All MT projects are subject to a prior testing phase during which we assess the output quality and define acceptable quality limits for deliverables.


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