BQT works with a Network of International Professionals in over 100 countries. We build our reputation on Quality, Excellence and Timeliness.

BQT believes and trusts in People. Our Network does not operate on a client-supplier relation but rather in a partnership for the success of our Clients. We are conscious that a key part of this success is due the incredible talent of the People in our Network. As such, we recognize this talent and always give credit where it is due.

If you are an experienced localization professional and would like to join us, you will be below the criteria to be invited to test.

Translators and Reviewers

  • Native speaker of the target language living in the target locale
  • 3+ years of professional translation experience
  • Degree in translation and/or certification for translation in the relevant language combination by a recognized professional translation industry body
  • Demonstrable subject field expertise, by translation specialization and/or subject matter education and training
  • Demonstrable Experience with Translation Memory tools and industry-standard technologies

DTP & Graphic Designers

  • 3+ years of experience handling latest versions of main DTP packages
  • Excellent command of the target language for proper QA of the translated documents
  • Ability to handle all character sets, fonts, alphabets, sorting orders, and language specifications in general
  • Knowledge of the translation cycle and processes involved in CAT tool use

All Business Partners

To register online, you will need the following information:

  • Main Information regarding your legal status and contact (company number, legal address, emails, phones)
  • Working hours, volumes you can handle
  • Competitive price for the services you provide (without competitive prices, we will not be able to maintain a durable business relation with you)
  • Steps you take for Quality Assurance: description to copy & paste. You may also upload documents
  • CV in Word format and txt to copy & paste
  • Photo for your online profile (Optional)
  • A 100-word (max) bio for your online profile (Optional)


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