Validation Management Services

Validation Management Services

Many Companies work with In-Country validators (ICV) or In-Country Reviewers (ICR) that are part of the company or work with the distributor or partner.
Their role is crucial in determining local market suitability but often, validation is not their primary job. This often results in delays in the last stages of the project and extends time-to-market.

BQT offers Validation Management Services to help our Clients with these challenges. This consists in:

  • Single point of contact for all client in-country validators
  • Validator involvement at project outset for smoother planning
  • Clear instructions on insertion of changes methodology
  • Consistent Project Management of all in-country validators changes (e.g TMs consistently updated, changes properly inserted)
  • Direct feedback to Project Managers and translators
  • Training on Tools and Processes

Validation Management Services reduce the effort of the client side and ensures that in-country validators are part of the Team from the Project Start


  • Improved turnaround in validation process / In-Country Review
  • Reduced management time at client’s end
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Translation quality improved through one centralized workflow and direct communication
  • Fewer changes and any quality issues dealt with quickly
  • End client received final, validated work


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