BQT’s Sustainability Policy

BQT’s Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment

BQT recognizes environmental responsibility as an important contributor to its business and long-term financial success.

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development and to conducting our operations in an environmentally-sound manner.

  • Meeting or exceeding customers’ environmental requirements, and complying with applicable national and international environmental laws and regulations
  • Providing energy-efficient and environmentally-competitive equipments and services to our customers
  • Preventing pollution by controlling. reducing and avoiding it
  • Promoting the efficient use of raw materials and natural resources in all our operations

Our Approach

Lifecycle thinking is a cornerstone of our environmental work.
We are committed to continuously improving our performance in all areas of our products’ lifecycle, directly and indirectly, starting from raw material selection all the way to efficient reuse and recycling of our products at the end of their service life.

How we fulfill our Commitments

Our way of fulfilling these commitments is through proactive environmental management.
The current focus areas are:

  • Taking environmental aspects into account in new product creation and in developing modernization solutions that improve the environmental performance of the current product base
  • Operating as energy efficiently as technical and economically feasible
  • Maximizing efficient use of raw materials and phasing out hazardous materials
  • Minimizing the creation of waste, and sorting and recycling waste efficiently


All functions, business areas and personnel of BQT are expected to work in line with this environmental policy. We also expect our business partners to commit to the same ethical, environmental and employee-related principles that we ourselves apply. This environmental policy and our environ mental aspects, programs and targets are regularly reviewed and updated accordingly.