Quality Statement

Quality Statement

BQT is strongly committed to providing services that meet and anticipate customer expectations. To accomplish this, Quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our business assuring the highest value and satisfaction for our Customers, Employees, Business Partners and Shareholders.

We will design, produce and deliver services that provide the optimal result with a passionate focus on customer needs and desires. Our end-product will be safe, effective and reliable for the intended purpose and will comply with all requirements and regulations for any locale we target. We strive to be fair and understandable.

The concept of continuous improvement is a key element in the BQT way of life and is embraced by the company management and employees as well as our business partners. Improvement in our services and processes may occur in quantum leaps or incrementally, but our efforts will always and forever be to improve and better serve our customers and the customers of our customers.

The BQT Quality Management System embodies these concepts and serves as guidance on how we will achieve our stated goals.

BQT Inc. recognizes the importance of a reliable standard of workmanship. This is allied to regular checks and inspections to confirm that work has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Client specification and the Company’s high quality standards. This involves meeting and exceeding the Client’s specifications and needs through closely adhering to the client’s brief and meeting the contract target dates.

The Company’s main quality objective is therefore the delivery of high-quality products, on-time and to our client’s satisfaction. This objective is to be attained, on a consistent basis, by adherence to BQT’s Quality Process.

To help this objective, the Company has developed and implemented a Quality Management System that is structured to meet the requirements of the Quality Standards:

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 17100:2015

The Company has a policy of continual improvement of its products and services as well as ensuring that it understands the Clients’ needs, both now and for the future.

The Quality Management System is reviewed regularly, and records of the reviews are maintained.


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