Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of BQT is to provide superior quality Translation & Internationalization services, Consulting and Technology Solutions, enabling our customer to reach international markets and succeed. We work with a passionate focus on Service Leadership, Operational Excellence and Innovative Technologies.
We network international experts worldwide though our BQT eWorld Platform to deliver value straight to our customers.
Our strength is our People and most of all our Network that we value and respect. We take pride in the success of our Team and work hard to train, grow and keep at the forefront of the international scene. We wish for our customers to consider us part of their International Team.

Company Values

At BQT, we are guided by the following Values. They describe our company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these Values. We believe that putting our Values into practice creates long-term benefits for Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Business Partners, and the Communities we serve.